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  • Mika Bradford

    A change-agent known for her fierce determination, unwavering optimism and commitment to excellence.


    For over twenty years, Mika has been involved in grass-roots, regional, state and national initiatives focused on building resources and long-term solutions for families and the special needs community, which has allowed her to build relationships with key leaders and decision makers.

  • Why Connected?

    Mika Bradford is Connected.


    All of us need someone in our corner to motivate, inspire and keep us focused on our long term goals. There are times we need a sounding board, a guide and engineer to help us develop life strategies to become the best we can be. As an adult, we must balance work commitments, family, friends and perceptions the world has placed upon us. How is this even possible? Is it even possible to remember who we are in the midst of this chaos?

    Life's Journey

    Connected is your opportunity to center yourself, become empowered and to learn from those who are beacons of light in the darkness. Your life journey is unique, your experiences are your own but we can all learn from those who have broken through the barriers that often hold us back and willing to be a source of inspiration. Connected takes you into the life of those who found the courage, strength and relationships they needed to make major life and professional breakthroughs.

  • Connected Timeline

    Connected can be the tool you need to create the breakthrough that is necessary.


    Connected helps you to make sense of the noise that fills your head with doubt, uncertainty and fear. Whether they are past experiences that have built you up or broken you down, relationships that are healthy or need to end, you have millions of experiences that are all Connected and will impact your future and the decisions you make today.


    You are not alone and just may be one introduction, one encounter, one moment away from a major breakthrough in your life. Mika and her special guests may very well be the Connection you have been looking for.


    Your future is not determined by your past but you must recognize, envision and prepare yourself to create the future you have always dreamed of. Whether moving through a career transition, leaving an abusive relationship, or seeking a long term care solution for a loved one you can benefit from the insight gained from those who have traveled the path before you.

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