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    Has your life turned out different than what you thought it would be? Are you facing circumstances that seem overwhelming with no end in sight, that at times leaves you feeling defeated and alone?

    I’m Mika Bradford and like many of you, my life has taken twists and turns I never expected. In my early twenties, I found myself facing life changing circumstances when my second son Jacob, was diagnosed with autism. I was told there was little known about autism and that I should begin looking for long-term placement and care for him as he most likely would never speak or live independently. I was twenty-six, married with three children and my life was disrupted and forever changed. My story of ups and downs, victories and defeat does not end there.

    For over two decades I’ve searched for answers, hope and help, and through this process found real answers to real questions, connecting the dots of health conditions, nutrition, diagnostic and laboratory tests that directly improved the quality of Jacob’s life! If you or someone you love, has had their life turned upside down by the diagnosis of an acute or chronic illness, is now caring for elderly parents, a child diagnosed with a disability or is struggling with addiction or the loss of a significant relationship then join me as we connect the dots to information, help, and resources that can change your life!


    Sincerely yours,

    Mika Bradford

    Mika Bradford

    A change-agent known for her fierce determination, unwavering optimism and commitment to excellence.


    For over twenty years, Mika has been involved in grass-roots, regional, state and national initiatives focused on building resources and long-term solutions for people with chronic physical and behavioral health conditions. Her relentless search for answers to her own families health issues in combination with her driven work ethic and passion to share a message of hope has allowed her to build relationships with key leaders and decision makers.

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    Connected with Mika Bradford brings together hope and resources from across the globe. Through education, information, product reviews and interviews with leading experts in the health, wellness and special needs community we will help address the most pressing issues facing you today.







    All of us need someone in our corner to motivate, inspire and keep us focused on our long term goals, reminding us there is hope, seeing beyond our circumstance, never forgetting our purpose or our “Why”.

    There are times we need a sounding board, a guide and engineer to help us develop life strategies to become the best we can be. As an adult, we must balance work commitments, family, friends and perceptions the world has placed upon us. Connected helps you find that voice that speaks to the very core of who you are, saying anything is possible!

    Life's Journey

    Connected is your opportunity to center yourself, become empowered and to learn from those who are beacons of light in the darkness. Your life journey is unique, your experiences are your own but we can all learn from those who have broken through the barriers that often hold us back and willing to be a source of inspiration. Connected takes you into the life of those who found the courage, strength and relationships they needed to make major life and professional breakthroughs.

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